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HOLY FREAKING SHIT! Who knew a person could garner so much attention just by building a fake porn site!?
Sometimes American media ain't too bad...

Well, I realize, what with all the strange trolls who visit my site, that it's probably a bad idea to go posting the following articles, but I think for visitors who think that this site has no relevance or purpose, it's good to see the other side of it.

Image borrowed from the Village Voice

The Village Voice

Wow! To be in the same article with the likes of David Henry Hwang, Greg Pak and Mimi Nguyen! Wow!

Pacific Ties at UCLA
This came out a few months after I launched the site, some of the info is outdated now but was flattered to get a one-up from my alma mater.

Ms. Magazine

This is actually a review of the Yell-oh Girls Anthology that I have an article in. I was so happy to get a personal mention!

LA Weekly

Yours truly, once dabbled with a performance art trio called Mao's Kids, and we got the PICK OF THE WEEK, and I got a little plug for my site.

PBS Bookshow with Patt Morrison
This was actually my first TV show appearance since I was on an informercial in high school (Don't ask). I can't provide a transcript of it on the site, but you can write your local PBS station and ask when they are reairing it. It's "Bookshow #126" I believe.

Hardboiled at UC Berkeley

According to this article, I am one of the "leading companies" producing Asian American t-shirts on the west coast. What? A suitcase of t-shirts hot-ironed at Kinkos makes me a company? Does this mean me and my broke self can retire now?

Oof! Should have double checked me grammar before emailing this one in...

This is the same as the article that appears on my MANIFESTO link. I was able to reprint it on my site after being a guest contributor to this great site!

Lowell High School Newspaper in San Francisco

Incidentally, yours truly was rejected from San Francisco's finest (and dare I say "overrated"?) high school because at the time, Chinese kids had to have one point off from a perfect score to get in. I was two points off. Ha! Now look! Those mofos quote me in their paper!
Another one of the early interview/articles I did.


I didn't know what language this was. It turns out it is Dutch. Thanks to Lani for sending me a translation of it!

G3 in London

Wow! This is as close as I have ever been to the queen mother. This gorgeous magazine is for lesbian mamas in London! Cheers!

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Even in the desert, there are cowgirls who love subversion.

Bitch Magazine Issue No. 18

Seven pages on my work and politics and also coverage on Gennifer M. Hirano.

Hey College Kids! Did you write about the BBCM or make a mention of me in your academic writings? Send me your essays and I can reprint them on the site anonymously or otherwise! Come on! It's better to reprint those essays than just file them away where nobody will see them ever again! And hey, all you kids who wrote me with so many questions that I diligently answered for your "all-nighter" papers-- you owe me your work! You can't hide from me! Even if your papers are critical of my site, send them in!

Critiques from an MIT class (I found these surfing around the web)
Critique #1 This guy must have written this in the computer lab five minutes before it was due, because he didn't even get the name of my site right.
Critique #2 Another critique that made me cringe-- doesn't anybody appreciate my PhotoShop work?

Courtney B's Grad Student paper from University of Indiana, Department of Communication and Culture

Anjali's undergrad paper from UC Davis, Asian Am 100 Class

Sorry folks, these articles aren't available on the web. You are going to have to buy these books yourself (GASP! Actually buy books? No way!). And since good ol' President Bush cut federal spending on public libraries by $39 million (as if the books at the library aren't old enough!), why not donate a copy to your local library when you are done with it?

Yell-oh Girls Anthology edited by Vickie Nam

Published by Harper Collins
My article is called "A Big Bad Prank: Broadening the Definition of Asian American Feminist Activism"

"Pranks and Fake Porn: Doing Feminism My Way" in the Catching a Wave Anthology by Northeastern University Press. Coming Spring 2003! (Attention Professors! Use this in your class!)

For teachers and professors...

On several occasions, my site and writings have appeared in class curriculum. Sometimes I speak on panels. I also offer participation friendly guest lectures chocked with visual aids.

In some classes, the site is assigned for analysis with the "Yell-Oh Girls!" Anthology.

If you are interested in having me come for a guest lecture or panel. Or would like to know what I offer in a guest lecture so that you can recreate it in your class, please write!

A note to students and those with questions...

I am happy to answer questions for your papers. I can offer you my ideas and opinions on why I built this site. BUT--I WILL NOT WRITE PAPERS FOR YOU!

I often get questions that are clearly answered in the Manifesto link. If you have questions after reading that link, then feel free to ask me.

Just because I am a Chinese American woman doesn't mean that I am an EXPERT in the following. I suggest you do some good old fashion research for these topics rather than ask me for information.

All of the following subjects I have been asked about in the past for research purposes. For the record, I am not an EXPERT in:

--  Japanese Anime
--  the Mail Order Bride Industry (I can point you to some articles and places where I went.)
--  Japanese Pop Culture
--  Japanese Sex Culture
--  Gender relations in Asia
--  Tracy Quan
--  Asian or Asian American movies or publications (I may have seen or read them, but again, I can't offer any authoritative voice).
--  Third world working conditions, labor abuses (You are better off going to some books and organizations that deal with this issue, than to me)
--  Places to travel to in Asia
--  The feminist movement in Asia
--  Government systems in Asia
--  Economic systems in Asia
--  Relationship Advice for you and your partner of a different ethnic background
--  The history of China
--  How to find a wife online/ which introductions services are the best
--  Reading lists for various Asian American/ Women's subjects (I know a lot of the books out there, but your professor would be a much better person to ask than me.)
--  The history of stereotypes in America

Now that that's settled, I expext no more emails from desperate students with papers due the next day (Yeah right!).

So sorry to be so cranky about this, but it's a lot of pressure on me when people want me to help them when I can't.

For the foot fetish people...

For all you weirdos who found the "Memoirs of An Anti-Geisha" link through foot fetish sites (I never saw that coming!)-- Stop asking me to rub my feet on your face! Sickos! Geez! And stop sending me pictures of feet. I don't care for them!

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