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We guarantee that the Big Bad Chinese Mama will make a big impact on your life. But don't take out word for it. Check out what our users have to say...

"Dear Big Bad Chinese Mama, I'm learning so much about the Asian culture ever since you mailed me Janice. Did you know that it is customary for the man to cook, clean and sleep on the living room couch in Asian cultures? I am also learning that Asians appreciate silence. She tells me to shut the fuck up whenever she's around. This has been a great lesson in love and cultural understanding. Got to go she wants me to participate in traditional Asian toilet cleaning."

- Norman, San Jose, CA

"Thank God for your site! I am a pathetic lonely man who needed porn sites because real women won't pay me any attention. But now, I have a sweet Asian flower kicking my butt everyday."

- Simon L., New York, NY

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